Trying to stay mentally aloof

With prepping {for whatever I/you prep for}, sometimes I get caught up in too many scenarios.  What if {this}?  What if {that}?  What if…?  What if…?  What if…?

There are so many things that could conceivably go wrong – from economic collapse, to total societal collapse, to martial law, to TEOTWAWKI, pandemics, WWIII, EMPs, Iran, Taliban, weather, job loss, pandemic quarantine, 2012, Armageddon, the Apocalypse, Aliens!  Sheesh!  Enough!  It causes a mind to spin!

I’m not a worrier by nature – I’m a little too aloof and methodical for that. (I blame my German ancestry.)  But I think too much information may not always be a good thing.  In a sense, it leads to prepper/situational fatigue.

I don’t think I tire of “getting ready.”  While my nature may not be to worry, I do have a way about me that craves organization and planning.  I use those traits in my day job, I use them in my home, and I certainly use them in my prepping.  I make domesticity my business.  And this, I feel, is a good quality to have in this crazy world of preparedness.

But back to the fatigue issue.  I pray, daily, for the collapse to come simply so we can all stop speculating about the cause, and just get on with dealing with it.  The one speculative cause that I’ve just about had enough of is the economy.  This is a given.  We all know the dollar is coming to a rapid demise – and just when ya think “Ahhh – here it goes,” then all of a sudden the value’s back up on some feigned recovery message.

If I got to pick my “way” for TEOTWAWKI, I think it would be the total societal collapse.  Push us right back into the 17th century in terms of technology.  No more TVs.  No more video games.  No more iPhones.  Think “Amish” without the bonnets.  That’s what I’m after here.  It’s almost like a cheater’s way to get to the lifestyle I’m seeking.  If society collapses, along with the entire power grid, then we can get back to basics without being tempted back into the modern world.  I think the only thing I’d miss would be my computer.  LOL

So, I’m not sick of preparing.  In fact, as odd as it seems, I kind of enjoy the task.  But my mind is simply tired of all the speculation.  I’m just ready to get on with it.  (But aren’t we all!)

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One thought on “Trying to stay mentally aloof

  1. I have felt much the same way then a power outage happens and I have to still hunt down my flashlight and the batteries are dead.
    I don’t think anyone is really prepared as they all think they are. It may be “grace” that has kept us from suffering the real effects of the dollar demise so far.

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