Always more

Somewhere, a year or two back, I read the quote “You’ll never be 100% prepared, but you can strive to be 90%”  (or something like that – but that was the gist).

I seems no matter how much I have on hand, there’s something I’ve forgotten about. Where do you stop?  Do you stop?  How much is really enough?  If we truly go to a total TEOTWAWKI situation, it could conceivably be years before we get back to any semblance of order.  There are things that we can produce on our own, but what about things like salt, sugar, wheat.  I may garden, but I’m no wheat farmer, that’s for sure.

I feel pretty confident that if some minor situation comes my way (weather, job loss, injury or illness, etc.) that what I have on hand will be sufficient.  For myself, I have about 8 months of food on hand, plus some medical supplies, and enough ammo to start my own war.  But gosh, if it just doesn’t seem like “enough”.  But what is enough?

Off the top of my head, some things I could certainly use (in terms of “gear”) in the preps are:

  • Duct tape (don’t ask how I don’t have any, but I don’t)
  • AA Batteries (love those lithium ones – they last forever)
  • Gas for the backpacking stove
  • Propane canisters
  • Charcoal
  • Extra mantels for the lanterns
  • A new battery pack for my wind up radio

I was also thinking about some extra food stuffs for the LT storage:

  • Another sack of wheat – perhaps a different type (I have hard white wheat, so maybe hard red)
  • Oats
  • Extra yeast
  • Fill up on some spices and herbs that I use a lot
  • Molasses
  • More peanut butter (because I got through that stuff like it’s going out of style)
  • Extra dog food (no, not for me!)

I’m also considering seeds.  This is one of those things that should have been first on my list of preps way back when, but it keeps getting pushed farther down the list.  Not even funny – that’s a life or death issue there.  I will order some up this week for sure.  I think LLM has some seeds saved, plus we have seeds from this year’s garden.  But I can’t rely on someone else’s stash, no matter what our relationship is.  That’s one thing our parents taught us up on that homestead so long ago – you have to be self-reliant – you can’t depend on anyone but yourself.  God forbid, but LLM could get crushed by a tree at work today, then where would we be?  So I need, need, to get some seeds secured for myself – and on the high ball.

I took the day off work to finish healing up from my flu episode.  I feel pretty good – not 100%, but maybe 90%  🙂  Since my brain seems to be back on track, I think I’m going to use today to do some review, straightening up and strategic planning.  There are dark days ahead, and I don’t think any of us want to be caught sleeping on the job…

Proverbs 6:10-11 – A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest – and poverty will come to you like a bandit, and scarcity an armed man.

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4 thoughts on “Always more

  1. I recommend that you stock up on salt, lots of it because you can preserve meat with it, barter with it, and the body has to have salt to survive. I keep 10 lbs on hand and it don’t go bad.
    It is hard to know when to stop. A site that might be helpful is a survival site called ‘” It helped me quite a bit. Another is the LatterDay Saints sites. If you have put up anything you’re ahead of many others.

    • I actually listen to the Survival Podcast, but I’ve never gone into the forums. I have about 8 pounds of salt (or so), and about 25 pounds of sugar. 100 pounds of wheat, plus sundry other items in large quantities in the pantry. I think it’s just a never-ending dilemma. But thanks for your input!

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