And so goes the summer


May…  June… July… AUGUST… SEPT-friggin-TEMBER…

Nearly the end of October.

I sure as heck didn’t mean to put this blog on hold for so darn long.  I’ve had so much to write about.  So many new and developing skills tried.  So much fun.  So many discoveries.  I won’t say they’re lost to the past – but they sure are tied up in my memory banks.

I won’t say I was too busy working to take care of My Journey to Ditch the Grid (MJ2DG) – because first of all, that’s not true.  And second, that’s just lazy.  It’s not like my feet were kicked up, watching the latest episode of {insert name of TV program here}.  Heck, I don’t even own a TV.  I’m delighted to say, I was too busy learning, trying, exploring and doing! Yay me!

In a nutshell, here are some of my accomplishments for the Summer and early Fall of 2009:

* I put on an exceptional conference for journalists who communicate about the outdoors – and I must admit, the programming was phenom!

* I spent a week in Chicago visiting friends and family.

* I helped LLM (my lovely logger man) plant, weed, water and harvest the garden.

* Hosted my sister and nephew for a week-long visit of wonder in western Montana.  Also had my Dad in for a few days for a visit as well.

* I moved (no, I didn’t buy a cabin… but I found a nice place way outside of town to rent for the time being.  It’s not “mine” – but it’s nice and quiet)

* My LLM and I canned potatoes, carrots, salsa, tomatoes, pears, apples, huckleberry jam, plum jam, blueberry jam, and mixed berry jam, not to mention some chicken soup.  Dehydrated peppers, apples, plums and elderberries.

* I went to Alaska.

* I went fishing.

* I shot my first-ever grouse (and cleaned it and cooked it myself, too!)

* I’m stalking turkeys this fall, in hopes of a wild turkey for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

* I went on my first antelope hunt.  Which was successful.  And in the process I learned how to stalk the animal, kill it, gut it, skin it and butcher it.

* I read many books, dreamed many dreams, took many naps, hiked many hikes.

* I listened, learned, loved and enjoyed myself over the past few months.

So what did you do on your summer vacation?  LOL

I’m hoping to keep this blog up more frequently.  We all have goals, right?

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