Shock and Awe

I was so surprised to open up my dashboard last night and see that I had a couple of comments waiting for approval!  Honestly, I didn’t realize anyone was reading this thing.  🙂  So thanks!

This past weekend, as LLM and I were coming off the mountain from a blissful day on the four-wheeler, a deer jumped out in front of his truck.  He slammed on the breaks in hopes of missing the deer, which he did, to be promptly jolted by an explosion.  The four wheeler shifted forward with momentum as we tried to stop, and hit the back window of his rig with devastating consequences.  The entire thing shattered.  Glass flew everywhere, all over the back seat, into the front seat and even onto the dashboard.  It was pretty shocking.  I’ve never been in a vehicle when a window’s been blown out.  Yikes!  So he’s got a window company coming up to the sanctuary today to replace the back window, and to do the front window too.  There are two cracks in it, so that needs to be fixed before fire season so he can use his rig on the fires (provided, that is, that he’s not in logging camp.  I have my fingers crossed).  Needless to say, he’s been a little surley this week.

So here I am, on the eve of a three day weekend, and contemplating having to work…  And not in my LLM’s garden, but for my actual day job.  Although, I am headed to the sanctuary (what we’ve termed his little off-grid paradise up in the mountains) for the weekend, I’ll be toting my laptop and external drive along with me.  He’s in the middle of putting an addition on the cabin, and let me know in no uncertain terms that he’ll have work to do this weekend.  So instead of darning socks and fixing his pants and weeding the garden, I’ll be logged onto my computer clacking away.  So very not-homesteady.  But it has to be done.  My job-stress officially ceases on June 17th, so I just have to suck it up and git ‘er done.

Though, this is not to say that weeding, gardening and wildlife admiring won’t be done.  We’ve been going between 70-80 degree sunny days, and 50-degree gully-washers.  He tells me that the garden is exploding, even since I was up there last weekend.  I may have to find time to plant some squash and spinach too.  On top of the cabin, I think he has some more trees to fall on his land for thinning purposes (I believe he’s getting a grant from the state to do that on 10 acres of his land).  I’m hoping he’s going to set some aside so we can start the chicken coop.  (I love living vicariously through his homestead!)

I was also promised a canoe trip for one of the days.  I’m going to hold him to that one.  And I hear there are a few new fawns in the woods there – the mama’s are starting to drop their babies!  Hope to see a couple of those.  Plu’s a graduation BBQ that we may need to attend on Sunday.  So overall it’s going to be a busy weekend – some on the homestead, some in the community, some in the woods and some on “real” work that we both need to get done.

(PS – LLM stands for “Lovely Logger Man”)

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