Of bread, butter and the fear of debt…

So I’m back to fearing debt.  I got pre-approved for a mortgage, but I just can’t go through with it.  I will keep looking for houses, but in the end, I’m not sure I can sign the paper that puts me into debt for 3o years.  Jenna, over at Cold Antler Farm (and author of the lovely book “Made from Scratch”) has a wonderful sentiment on her blog this week.  Essentially, why does one have to “own” land before one can have a farm? Jenna doesn’t own her land financially, but she owns the life she makes on that land.  She owns her destiny to be a farm girl, even if she doesn’t have a contract with a bank to pay for the land she farms.  Basically, she’s a renter – like me.

I need to move in mid-August, come hell or high water.  There are many issues with the house I live in now – including the fact that my heat was out no less than 20 times this winter.  Yes, 20.  And I’m not allowed to till the soil to plant anything.  In fact, I’m not even supposed to have a dog.  But what they don’t know won’t kill them.  I’ll be gone soon enough.

As I perused the rentals in the paper yesterday, I came across 20 acres with a cabin for rent out by Nine Mile.  Perfect!  But I don’t know if it will still be available come August.  Although, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to call and take a look at the place.  The rent is $750.  So that’s about 75% of what I’m paying now.  And the ad said it was set up for ag and horses – so I’m sure they’d let me have a modest garden next Spring.  I wonder if I could con them into “saving” it for me for a couple months?

Anyway – Jenna – you are an inspiration to me this week.  To know that I can truly have the life I dream of, without having to toss my freedom to the lions at the bank makes me feel fantastic.  Thanks for clarifying the dream.

In the meantime, last night I made two loaves of bread (that taste absolutely wonderful), and today I shook myself a jar of handmade butter with sea salt.  There’s nothing better, more simple or gratifying than homemade bread and butter.  And nothing better than knowing that I can share it with my LLM this weekend. (Although, for the record I have to admit that fresh buttermilk is the root of heartburn!)



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