Skills for the post-collapse

Whether you want to accept it or not, pretty soon this country is going to experience a collapse.  We’re watching our economy crumble, and soon after will be a total breakdown of society as we know it.  Once the collapse happens, our skill sets and jobs, as many of us know them, will become obsolete.  Mine included.  So I’m forced to ask myself the question: In the post-collapse world, how will I be relevant?  What skills do I have that will be able to serve my relationship, the community, and therefore make me indispensable?

Okay – the obvious is that I take great pride in being a woman, which means that the traditional skills are something that I derive joy from, and find myself pretty good at.  Those I don’t know how to do, I can certainly figure out.


Sewing (both mending and creating)

Nurturing (ie: rearing, teaching and caring for children and adults alike, as well as animals)

Gardening and preserving foods

Crafting – making rugs, figuring out baskets

Having been raised at my fathers knee, I can also take on tasks that lie outside the traditional women’s roles, which includes things like building and repairing (so long as those don’t involve mechanics or electronics)

I’m also a decent communicator, peacemaker, homemaker, thinker and organizer.  Those would serve a community base.  I’m also pretty darn good at maintaining perfect calmness when those around me seem to be falling into chaos.

There are definitely some homemaking skills that I would like to learn or better myself at:

I want to learn to knit/crochet, and sew a little more “completely”

I want to learn to make cheese

I want to get better at making bread and butter

I would like to learn to process meat (ie: deer, rabbits, elk, chickens, etc)

I’d like to learn about keeping chickens and perhaps other barnyard animals

I need to learn about foraging for local edible wild plants

I need to get better at fishing

I’d like to learn more complete first aid skills

Some of these things I’m working on now – some I need to put on a to-do list to learn and practice soon.  I know my LLM has a few of these skills that he can help me with (fishing, processing meat, foraging for local plants…)  And those are typical “men” skills.  I do take pride in my womanly skills, and enjoy taking care of people.

This is a pretty disjointed post – just wanted to get those ideas down before I lost them to the ether.  🙂

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One thought on “Skills for the post-collapse

  1. I think of this sometimes, and
    that is why I think it is important
    to learn to be self reliant…I am
    slowly on my way there.
    Love your blog!

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