Good tips to remember

Thanks to Prepared for Survival for these great water tips:

Save all of your empty milk jugs !! One great use for them is to get HOT WATER: In the summer, fill a few and let them heat up outside in the sun. You can use the water to hand-wash dishes and wash your hands.

Get a Rain Barrel!! This is such a great idea, that i think that every single home should be required to have one. I love having a rain barrel. It saves me a ton on watering my garden, flowers, etc. Also it is just good to have one hand… Why should I use a rain barrel?  Lawn and garden water makes up approximately 40% of total household water use in the summer. A rain barrel can save you money in the summer by lowering your water bill by reducing irrigation water usage.
Collected rainwater is better for plants because it isn’t chlorinated like your tap water is.  Reduce water pollution by reducing stormwater runoff which can contain pollutants. Storing rainwater for lawn and garden use helps recharge the groundwater which fe

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